Auto Customization Shop MLYFE Plans to Expand Across the Globe

MLYFE, the award-winning auto shop known for its unique and innovative designs, is set to expand its services globally. With a growing fan base in the UK, Middle East, Russia, and all over the world, the company plans to have an MLYFE on every continent of the globe.

Auto Designer Sean has always had a passion for cars and customizations, which led him to start his own business. Over the years, MLYFE has become a globally recognized brand, thanks to its exceptional work and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Speaking to the Media Sean said “I have always been passionate about cars and customization, I started MLYFE to bring my vision to life, I could never find a shop that brought quality and innovation together. We handle each car with a detailed approach and act as if it is our own. If we wouldn’t put something on our own vehicles, we definitely wouldn’t do it to a client. We go above and beyond to ensure nothing short of the best from A-Z ” says Sean. “I believe that every car should be unique, and our team at MLYFE works hard to make sure that every customer gets a design that represents their style and personality.”

MLYFE has won several awards and recognitions for its outstanding work, including the 2020 Best Customization Shop Award. The company is known for its innovative and creative designs, which include custom paint jobs, body kits, and interiors.

The biggest challenge Sean has faced in his career has been finding ways to continuously raise the bar to go above and beyond for his clients. Topping the last project, however MLYFE seems to exceed expectations every single time. “We always strive to deliver nothing short of the best, and finding ways to top the previous project is a challenge,” he says. “But that’s the beauty of it all, to continuously strive for excellence, that’s why When You Come To The Best You Get The Best only at MLYFE”

When asked about the wisdom he wants to share with others, Sean emphasizes the importance of consistency. “Regardless of the field of business you are in, you cannot expect everything to be rainbows and sunshine,” he says. “Success isn’t overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better than the day before.”

MLYFE has a strong vision for the future, with plans to expand its services globally. The company’s goal is to have an MLYFE on every continent of the globe, providing customers with unique and innovative designs that represent their style and personality.

“We are excited to take MLYFE to the next level and expand our services globally,” says Sean. “We have a dedicated team that works hard to deliver exceptional work, and we want to bring our unique and innovative designs to car enthusiasts all over the world.”

MLYFE’s success story is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With a strong brand and a growing fan base, the company is poised to take the auto customization industry by storm.

About MLYFE:

MLYFE is an award-winning auto customization shop based in New York City. Founded by Auto Designer Sean, the company is known for its unique and innovative designs that represent the style and personality of its customers. With a growing fan base in the UK, Middle East, Russia, and all over the world, MLYFE plans to expand its services globally. For more information, visit

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