This wall was a jumble of tags and terrible stuff until Augor and Nekst got a hold of it.

So hey – it looks like L.A. graffiti is now a national story, and pretty much every commenter on the LA Times website wants every street artist locked up or shot.

Read it here:,0,5228059.story

It's ludicrous. But it looks like the comments for the story have been taken down.

Also here:

and here:

SANTA ROSA — Graffiti tends to tick people off, but for John Rose it goes much deeper.

The Aussie bird-dogs it everywhere his eyes land — on soundwalls, traffic signs, the side of a building far across a shopping center parking lot.

“I cannot go anywhere without seeing graffiti. It's an illness. It's incurable,” he said. “I hate graffiti with a vengeance. I'll do anything to get rid of this waste of time and blight that's devaluing our properties.”

Just substitute the word billboard or advertisement for the word graffiti in the story above, and there I am. How many horrible ads are you exposed to every day? They're selling you crap you don't want and don't need and in many cases the billboards themselves are illegal.

So who's worse? Who would you rather fight?

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