Musicians, wannabe musicians, unemployable “lead singers,” drummers, “producers,” flautists, cello players: 2010 IS YOUR YEAR TO SHINE. Dude, you can do it. You just need to find the right situation.

West Coast Sound is here to help. We've scoured Craigslist over the past few weeks looking for gigs that seem tailor-made for our readership. Such as this promising entry:

We are looking for contemporary artists to record and produce. We are especially interested in up and coming bands and artists who are serious about their musical passion, are working hard at their craft, and are striving to do something unique and different. We are rather young, actually spend time listening to music, and are excited to work.

We are willing to work on modest budgets, and use high end gear found in studios that we couldn't afford either. Seriously. Good gear.

Please feel free to contact us with questions, links, show schedules, rough recordings, etc! Please include as much information as possible! Some bands we are currently listening to- Animal Collective, Ratatat, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Blonde Redhead, Seven Bells, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, Autolux, etc.

This entry looks interesting, at least if you're a “hot young thing.”

Singers Wanted for The Silver Lake Chorus (think: hipster glee club)

We are now auditioning singers for The Silver Lake Chorus (think: hipster glee club).

The chorus will be a collection of 16-24 hot young things who love to sing. Repertoire ranging from Rihanna to Radiohead, Paul McCartney to the Pixies.

Meetings will be one night per week for 2-3 hours on the east side. The chorus will perform a handful of times a year, in various venues such as nightclubs, concert halls, etc.

Got a knack for Celtic music and rock? Give this one a go:

We are looking for a DRUMMER / PERCUSSIONIST to join us.

If you Play a Bodhrán that is a big plus!

Our music is a blend/mix of traditional Celtic music and modern Rock songs.

We need a Drummer that can play Rock parts, a little bit of Metal style double bass pedal, and other more traditional percussion.

We are not merely a “band”, we are a Clan.

We don't have “concerts”, we have Gatherings.

We don't have “fans”, we have Friends.

We practice every Sunday night in Pasadena.

Age/Ethnicity/Gender NOT important, but your passion for the music and the right attitude ARE important.

AC/DC Cover band needs a guitarist:

We Need ANGUS (North Hollywood)

A well established AC/DC tribute is in urgent need of a new ANGUS (lead guitar… duh)! If you rock like Angus and can pick up or already know a lot of AC/DC tunes and can somewhat pull off the look then we want to see you. Please reply to this ad and tell us a little bit about yourself. We'll be holding auditions soon, based on the number of responses we get. So, grab your stick, hit a lick, and show us what you got. Serious replies only. We have gigs booked in January so we need someone soon. Oh yeah, you must have your own performance equipment… amp, tuner, guitar (duh) etc… and transportation. Bring it, or leave it at home!

Into dubstep? Hook up with a Tennessee transplant:

So, if you clicked on this then you know what dubstep is, which is a good start =)

i've been producing jams for about a year now and have played many shows in Tennessee, just getting my foot in the door in LA

anyway, i'm tired of going it alone and am looking for a partner in grime, so to speak haha

**any enquirers must have at least two of the following:

-a working DAW (i use reason4/abelton/massive)

-some sort of hardware (i use AKAI controllers)

-any arrangement of amps/speakers (subwoofers preferred)

-a keen, imaginative, passionate mind

-a background in DnB, House, Tech, Jungle, Crunk, Dubstep production

serious replies only please

If you're a singer and offered gigs in Asia, watch out!

Once you get there you will lose your visa and be trapped into forced prostitution. If it sounds too good to be true it is.

Do you play “unusual” music?

We are currently seeking a drummer and a bassist for permanent positions!


EXCELLENT BENEFITS! (if I understand correctly mostly just booze and whores)

We need some energetic, smiling faces who want to get paid absolutely nothing to work their asses off and travel endlessly possibly disrupting their relationships with friends and family, all in the name of art, who's with me folks!?!?!?!

Seriously though, I need to find musicians to help me bring my somewhat unorthodox music to the stage. I need artist that can contribute their creativity and passion to the project, not just play along. I have no money to pay you… yet. I just hope to find musicians that dig what I'm doing now and wanna help me make some more… so here it is, thanks for your time.


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