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Jules Manson, a nutter who once ran as a Libertarian for Carson City Council, is getting (wanted?) attention today after he called President Obama the N-world and suggested that someone “assassinate the f—-n n—– and his monkey children.”


Perhaps he's setting up the platform for his next endeavor, which he says will be a run for the state senate's 28th District seat next year — as a Democrat! (Can't wait). Mason says on his Facebook page that …

… following his eloquent (see, white people can be eloquent too) rant, he was visited by the U.S. Secret Service.

(Advocating the assassination of the President of the United States of America can get their attention, apparently. Plus, the guy's name is MANSON).

He writes:

Agents Corey, Andy, and Stephanie were very pleasant with me. They must have had 30 questions. They listened to what I had to say and I even consented to a search of my home and vehicle. They even sat at my computer to see what I had on there. I cooperated with them and was fully honest with them because I have nothing to hide.

His anti-Obama comments were taken down, apparently after people complained. The episode, however, was screen-captured by the Your Black Politics blog, which wonders aloud if Manson “needs to be checked for drugs.”

Manson, pissed off about Congress passing the National Defense Authorization Act, which would allow even U.S. citizens to be treated as combatants unworthy of domestic due process, wrote that “it MUST be countered with assassinations unto them and their children …”

He later singled out Obama specifically, although the president had yet to sign (or veto) the bill.

Interestingly, that 28th District seat he wants to run for is held by Democrat Ted Lieu, who helped spark a backlash against the Lowe's home-improvement chain after it pulled its ads from the All-American Muslim reality show.

That's one Left Coast, Kumbaya district. Not sure Manson is cut out for it.

Not that this NDAA thing is right. But when you call the president and his family racial epithets and encourage assassination, you make an ass out of you. Just you.

[Updated at 5 p.m. Wednesday]: The Daily Breeze captured Manson's apology. He said, in part:

I wrote the most vile and hateful words to express my condemnation for him doing this to the American people. It was horrible. I deeply regret it and I'm deeply shamed by it. I cannot express how much I wish I had not done that.

Us too.

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