Question: When I lived in New York, I would sometimes schlep out to Jay & Lloyd’s, what I think may be the best delicatessen in the five boroughs, for its version of the Catskills classic RPG: roast pork on garlic bread with duck sauce. Jay & Lloyd’s is kosher, so the sandwich was made with roast veal instead of pork, I believe. Very delicious. But the sandwich that really intrigued me was something the restaurant called a “PLT,” a kind of pastrami-powered version of a BLT, and I wonder if you’ve come across anything like it in Los Angeles. I would give anything to taste that sandwich again. —Jon, Altadena

Answer: The PLT is a mainstay at the kosher delis in Brooklyn and Queens, a glorious, goopy replica of a BLT with pastrami where the bacon should be — pastrami griddle-fried to a snapping, peppery crispness, layered with tomatoes and lettuce, served on toasted bread (rye seems to be the default, but white toast is not uncommon) and often greased up with mayonnaise. The sandwich is an abomination, of course, but a pretty compelling one, and somehow even consonant with the laws of kashrut. Mayonnaise, of course, should have been forbidden in Leviticus, but apparently the Almighty never quite got around to it. Locally, you can find a PLT — a good PLT! — at the Pico Kosher Deli. But don’t be surprised if the waitress looks at you funny. Pico Kosher Deli, 8826 W. Pico Blvd.; (310) 273-9381.

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