QUESTION: It’s your fault, you know. Philip’s BBQ got my entire family addicted to Friday-evening drives down to Leimert for pork ribs with hot sauce. I hold you personally responsible for the shakes I get on Sundays when Philip’s is closed. I need my fix! Is there anything short of CIA-sponsored espionage that could get the owners of this establishment to divulge the recipe for their spicy sauce? —Tony Field, Los Angeles

ANSWER: Ahh, the sadness of Sundays without Philip’s. It’s a good thing that Woody’s BBQ is open when Philip’s is closed. Still, I did call Philip’s, but whoever picked up the phone was laughing too hard to actually answer your question. But just last night I used some of my meager stash of Philip’s sauce to baste grilled sausages. And it was beyond fine. I suppose your best bet is to do what I did — buy an extra pint or two of sauce the next time you go. It keeps pretty well in the fridge. Philip’s BBQ, 4307 Leimert Blvd., (323) 292-7613. Woody’s BBQ, 3446 W. Slauson Ave., (323) 294-9443.

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