We at WCS are envious and wish we'd have thought of this: Peter Travers–movie critic for Rolling Stone and heir apparent to the Siskel & Ebert “getting our names on movie ads” franchise–is going to hang out with professional demented person (and Eastside fixture) Crispin Glover this afternoon and is asking that you send him questions to ask him via Twitter.

Travers is suggesting boring questions such as “What's on your mind about Crispy? And what role of his can't you get out of your head ?” We think you can do better. In fact, wouldn't it be great if all the questions were about his AMAZING 1993 album The Problem [does not equal] The Solution. The Solution = Let It Be, featuring “Clowny Clown Clown” and “Auto-Manupulator”?

Go ahead then and give Peter a tweet. You're one step away from having a conversation with Crispin that does not involve stalking him in Silverlake like you did when you were a weird teenager and frequented the Amok store.

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