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The band that set off a firestorm with a racist song about “Asian Girlz” removed that video from YouTube at midnight and is trying to point viewers to its latest work, “American Dream.”

Initial prophecy about the new track indicates that the attempt to create the kind of press the band received for its horrific “Asian Girls” will not be recreated:

The group still sucks. Just on a less racist level.

In fact, the act says “American Dream” was “recorded, mixed, shot, edited and uploaded in one day,” and that day was Saturday.

And in teasing the video, the band sent a statement to the Weekly saying “You may find it illuminating.”

The statement also included a quote from street artist Banksy, a take on a famous quote about the role of journalism from Finley Peter Dunne:

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

This was clearly a response to the “Asian Girlz” controversy.

How do you mollify critics of such lyrics as Korean barbecue / Bitch I love you / I love your creamy yellow thighs / Ooh your slanted eyes?

With a song about how “we are not considered equal,” and “this American dream ain't always what it seems.”

Because white men (actually one of the members is reportedly of Indonesian descent — go figure) have no chance in this here land of opportunity.

We'll tell you what has no chance. This new video. “Asian Girlz” did nearly 1.5 million views. This one, not so much.


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