Seeing that we're the jumping-off point for the Asian Pacific, Latin America and, for whatever reason, Ethiopia and Bangladesh, it should be no surprise that Los Angeles is the “international dating” capital of America.

That, at least, is the word from a rep for the website AnastasiaDate, which told the Weekly today that L.A. is …

… the number one city for online international daters in the U.S.

In other words, you're not the only one who noticed all those creepy old white guys who speak Thai. We kid. Sort of.

A spokeswoman for AnastasiaDate, an international dating site, tells us that California is number one in America for overseas dating and that L.A. is tops in California, too.

Which begs the question: What's wrong with L.A. women? Come on, guys, you know you've all gone fishing in San Diego, O.C. and Ventura County for a “good girl.”

AnastasiaDate teamed up with Harris Interactive recently to poll more than 2,000 men who date foreign women. The site says in a statement that its average, male international dater makes $100,000 a year, “holds a passport and has traveled internationally.”

And despite the creepy Asian thing in L.A., AnastasiaDate says most of its male users, 68 percent worth, prefer women from Europe, especially Eastern Europe, Russia and the Ukraine.

The site says technology — including video chat — makes such long-distance dating easier.

Lawrence Cervantes, AnastasiaDate's chief spokesman:

Choosing to date internationally is indicative of a person's strong sense of curiosity, adventure and desire to explore outside of their comfort zone and into the unknown.

Unknown. Indeed. Some guys just call it strange.

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