Defamer's Kyle Buchanan has a nice slice-and-gut of Spread —  Ashton Kutchner's new, Shampoo-esque entry at Sundance. It's a sex comedy about a young lothario sleeping his way north in L.A. Apart from skewering the film on artistic grounds (oh, those) Buchanan goes to town on Spread's impulse to present L.A. geography as some edgy kind of tableau de l'amour.

“We suppose,” Buchanan writes, “director David Mackenzie (Young Adam) intended Spread to be sort of love letter to Los Angeles (or perhaps a truncated, late-night text), but its location shooting and glamorous tracking shots can't make up for its lack of verisimilitude. No native would ever call Fred 62 “a coffee shop.” Or, Buchanan notes, that a waitress from said Fred 62 would ever use a landland phone.

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