Ashton Kutcher hasn't said much, if anything, about the murder of his onetime love interest Ashley Ellerin in 2001. Now, LA Weekly reports, he'll probably have to testify in open court.

Prosecutors claim she was the victim of a friendly but strange young neighbor, Michael Gargiulo, who obsessed over her even though she had her hands full where boyfriends were concerned.

Gargiulo was also connected by authorities to the shocking case of another young beauty, Michelle Murphy, slashed in her Santa Monica apartment in 2008. She survived.

As Christine Pelisk reports:

In the decade since the tragedy that befell Ellerin, [Kutcher] has rarely commented on it. Kutcher went on to wed actress Demi Moore, and to star in What Happens in Vegas opposite Cameron Diaz and Killers with Katherine Heigl. He can be seen hawking Nikon's newest digital camera, and he's become a Twitter sensation, with more than a million followers.

Some of that will change at the trial, for which no date has been set, when he probably will have to testify against Gargiulo, the father of two accused of killing Ellerin and Maria Bruno, 34, who was hideously butchered 10 days after she moved into Gargiulo's gated El Monte apartment building in 2005.

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