Pink Floyd

Dark Side of the Moon (Harvest)

Ashrr Visits the Dark Side of the Moon: Steven Davis, vocalist with L.A.-based synth pop band Ashrr, told us about his love for a Pink Floyd classic.

Steven Davis: Whatever the genre, it seems everyone has their favorite go-to album that speaks to you, continuing to inspire and delight, never letting you down, as if you’ve heard it for the first time. There are a handful of albums that hold a rarefied place in our sonic memory, becoming more rewarding and satisfying with time.


Perhaps it’s because the music becomes embedded so deeply in our subconscious, it’s intertwined with our life experience and memories. For me, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon, is one of those gold standard albums that never seems to tarnish but is burnished with time.

One of my all time favorite songs is “Us and Them.” I never get tired of listening to this track. And Clare Torry tears it up in her incredible, lyricless vocal chant on “Great Gig in the Sky.”

There’s something perennially soothing and satisfying about the vibe and feeling of “Breathe In The Air” which seems an open invitation to that place, or space within us, we find ‘home.’

The last track,” Eclipse” lyrically says it all. This song isn’t just the last button on the jacket, it’s the final encapsulation and distillation of life itself. Brilliant.

Ashrr Visits the Dark Side of the Moon: Ashrr’s single “Same Way” is out now.

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