So much cool information to cram into one informational post.

The duo: AsDSSka is Aska Matsumiya of the Sads and Moonrats, and Sir David Scott Stone, whose thick and rich modular synthesizer sounds have more depth than any state-of-the-art digital sampler.

The record label: Family Bookstore Records, the new musical concern of the great Fairfax bookstore, whose little selection of experimental and punk music is a concentrated encapsulation of LA (at least one strain of it).

The video: Directed by Spike Jonze and Crystal Moselle , it's an austere and relatively straightforward little film starring a half-deflated mylar balloon, a ceiling fan, a grand piano and an analog synth, and backed by the song “25,” which features a beautiful little Satie-esque melody that goes kind of crazy in the middle.

The single: Haven't seen it firsthand, but it looks pretty cool. The artwork is by designer Elke Kramer, and the sleeve design is by Brian Roettinger, best known for his Grammy-nominated work for No Age.

Family's hosting a record release party on May 24 at 7pm; AsDSSka will perform backed by the 14-member Ladies Choir. They'll screen the video, too.

Now if AsDSSka would reconsider their name. We've written it about a half dozen times now and still can't type it without getting frustrated.

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