As a trusted certified personal and business coach, Amy Sinton adds more meaning to people’s lives.

Pic for LA weekly Amy Sinton
She has become a pro at improving mindsets and helping people accomplish more in life.

The kind of insane growth and the massive momentum a few industries have attained today can be attributed to a variety of factors. Some say it is because of the onset of the many digital advancements and adaption of several digital trends, while some others say that it is because of the relentless drive, determination, dedication and passion of a few professionals, who in more ways than one go ahead in changing the game of their respective industries. These individuals and professionals, especially women, make sure to give it their all and, in the process, inspire innovation and greatness in all that they ever choose to lay their hands on. Women being at the forefront of almost all industries today does not come as a surprise anymore, as most of them have truly stunned people worldwide with what they can offer others and how well they can do what they do. We couldn’t help but notice how one such incredible woman named Amy Sinton did the same in the business coaching and personal and life coaching industry.

Amy Sinton is a “mompreneur” who has three kids and still has managed to make her mark in her industry, all on her own. She is today a certified coach who supports people in achieving more in their personal lives and careers and leads them to the results or positive changes they seek in their journeys. She also runs her successful YouTube channel, where she consistently posts meaningful videos about making life more fulfilling, about motivation, creativity and much more. After achieving her certifications, she has spoken to different people around the world through online platforms so that they can achieve their maximum potential and success in their personal lives and careers. Since not all can afford a personal and life coach, she set up her YouTube channel to reach people worldwide, which is growing daily. Through her channel, she lets people know about what coaching is and what steps they can take to develop themselves and achieve their goals in life while attaining a more resilient mindset.

She attained her certifications in Poland two years ago, and leveraging online mediums; she tries to reach as many people as possible. She is also fluent in three languages English, Polish and Russian. Speaking on her struggles, she says that the pandemic was a difficult time for her, as it was for many worldwide. However, looking at the positive side of it, she mentions how it brought new opportunities, like more freedom for people to work and study online. If it hadn’t been for the online mediums, she thinks she wouldn’t have reached thus far as an online coach. She could study at Harvard Business School Online while caring for her three children. Though it was challenging for her, it helped her learn many more things in life. She mentions how she overcame all this by having a resilient mindset and not giving up.

Today, Amy Sinton is pursuing her chosen passion and career and is glad her kids are extremely proud of her. As a personal life and business coach, her services have been adding more meaning to people’s lives. Her work has led her to be on the list of “Top 20 Coaches to look out for in 2022” by NYC Journal, “Top 10 Executive Coaches of 2022” by NYC, and been written about as a personal brand in Forbes People.

Supporting people, improving their lives, helping them have better lives and careers, and more such things are a passion for this incredible lady, who has done it all and thus has reached an influential position in her life.

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