We'll admit: The dog permitting/leashing rules at L.A. County parks kind of make us want to run over a random county employee with our rad vintage Mustang and never look back. Metaphorically, of course.

But the punky 28-year-old frontwoman for L.A. band Arune & Alternatives took the urge quite literally last Friday, Sheriff's officials tell the Los Angeles Times.

A “Recreation Service Leader” who was checking the Eaton Canyon Nature Center for homeless encampments spotted Arune Kavaliauskaite's unleashed dog …

… running freely around the park, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Parks Bureau. So the employee says she warned Kavaliauskaite three times that she must leash her dog. That's when the crazy hotel-room thrasher in the L.A. musician allegedly came out to play:

“Ms. Kavaliauskaite became hostile toward the victim who then called her office for additional personnel as she feared for her safety. Ms. Kavaliauskaite and her dog got into a vehicle. The victim was standing a short distance away from the vehicle taking a picture of Ms. Kavaliauskaite in the vehicle for future identification. Ms. Kavaliauskaite accelerated forward with the vehicle into the victim striking her in the legs and knocking her back into a parked vehicle. Ms. Kavaliauskaite stopped the vehicle putting her left front tire next to the victim's feet. She turned the wheel causing the tires to turn into the victim and then accelerated and fled the scene. One of the vehicles tires ran over the victim's shoe top barely missing her toes.”

The driver, whom the Sheriff's Department calls a “South African citizen,” was booked for “assault with a deadly weapon” and released after posting $30,000 bail.

Observe said Mustang/weapon at 0:01, and said unleashed mutt at 3:00, in the band's music video for “Believe Me.” Just badass enough to strike fear in the heart of any crappy-rule-enforcing L.A. County park employee:

On a greater-than-Arune scale, one dog blog is concerned that “the L.A. dog walker did not help the dog-walking contingent by her dangerous actions. Eaton Canyon had been on the verge of banning dogs, but things have been looking up recently.”

Guess the rock 'n' roll approach doesn't always pay off.

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