You don’t need a reason to crave the soon to be world-famous “Bomb Ass” olive oil cake from Little House Confections. It’s scrumptious in the exact rich and almost savory way this sweet classic is meant to be, and lovely in the perfect simplicity of its golden circle, dust of powdered sugar, sprig of rosemary rustic elegance. But there are actually a host of other reasons to both have this cake and eat it.

Little House was founded just this past April by friends Liz Roth and Jaymie Wisneski, an interior designer and production professional, in a multifaceted response to the pandemic. Like everyone, they started baking for themselves, their friends and family. Not like everyone, their cake was so delectable that they soon realized they could be selling it. Also not like everyone, from the very first it was crucially important to them that this new not-yet-a-business have a philanthropic aspect, and they launched with a charitable campaign benefiting Covenant Home Health of California.

Now their new project is a collaboration with The Haas Brothers, visual artists with an edgy Pop sensibility and apparently, a love of cake. They’ve designed a new, limited edition tin for the Bomb Ass cake, and all proceeds from sales of this delicious, colorful, whimsical and collectible confectionery collaboration benefit the NAACP. “We’re always excited for the opportunity to raise money for a good cause,”said Nikolai Haas. “And it feels great to be a part of brightening anyone’s day right now.”

LA Weekly