Linnea Eleanor “Bunny” Yeager (1929-2014) was a pioneer in the world of glamour photography, best known for her game-changing work with the one and only Bettie Page. Now La Luz has partnered with Cult Epics to exhibit a series of never before seen images from a 1966 trip to Chichén Itzá, and other heritage sites. Her unique style of nude portraiture and fine artistry is infused with humor and drama and transcends easy categorization.

The exhibition is available to view online from June 13-July 5, as well as in person, per the following note from the gallery: “While our sister store Soap Plant / Wacko is closed and awaiting its grand reopening, the gallery will take in-person, 30-minute appointments, limited to one person and a guest, on Saturdays and Sundays.”


LA Weekly