So Arnold Schwarzenegger is making a comeback as a cartoon character called … “the Governator.”

The former California first man told Entertainment Weekly that he and Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee are working on a comic book and TV show based on the character who will be “will be jumping into action” to “eliminate the problems.”

Yeah, um, news flash:

Why the hell wasn't Arnold “jumping into action” when he was actually in Sacramento?

The guy left, what, a $20 billion-plus deficit for us to deal with.

Is Arnold high?

Is Arnold high?

Look, we know, the deficit seems to come with the job, but after lambasting Gray Davis and taking his job only to fair the same or worse, you'd think Arnold would have the P.R. sense not to rub our noses in it.

Basing a superhero on a job that was anything but super is just stupid and maybe glib.

Here's what Lee tells EW (via the San Francisco Chronicle):

Only after he leaves the governor's office, Arnold decides to become a crime fighter and builds a secret high-tech crime-fighting center under his house in Brentwood.


Arnold's tenure in the Golden State's hot seat was — like that of a lot of other governors — a disaster. He was all talk — calling Democratic legislators “girly men” for failing to make the kind of cuts that would put a dent in the deficit, then turning around and then cutting the sentence for the manslaughterer son of one of the most powerful Democratic state leaders, Fabian Nunez.

If we want to laugh it off and give him a pass, fine. But then everyone who takes that seat — Jerry Brown included — is just a comic book character from here on out.

We have a better comic-book name for Arnold anyway: The Tool.

[Added: We just had the thought that maybe this was a good April Fool's joke. Wishful thinking?].

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