Hayley Fox's cover story about the FBI's takedown of Armenian Power was a big hit with readers (“The Unusual Suspects,” July 4).

Yupper writes, “THANK GOD. I was beginning to think even the cops were afraid of these losers. They speed around in their flashy cars, no respect for anyone, tailgating, bullying and pretending how big-time they are — when all they are doing with their lives is being complete loser punks. Hopefully this will shut some of these motherf@ckers the hell up on the streets.”

Nutmegg is another neighbor who's seen enough. “Thanks for the article — it was very informative. I have lived in Montrose (northern Glendale) for four years now. I love it there. It's beautiful, has a small-town feel and the people are generally really nice. When I venture into Glendale proper, I see a lot more of the BMWs/Mercedes driven by 20-year-old Armenian punks who have no respect for anyone else — cutting them off, tailgating, generally being menaces. It's so not cool. I know plenty of Armenians who are super nice and awesome, and these douches make the rest of their nationality look bad. Grow up, guys. Get a real job and make something of yourself without victimizing other people.”

Hard_Irishman is not impressed. “Yawn! Flim-flammers, stolen BMWs and credit card fraud? Armenians are basically the same as Roma gypsies.”

Disgust20 urges people not to judge all Armenians based on these crooks. “I'm American-Armenian,” he writes. “I was born in L.A. I don't have an accent and have NEVER been in Armenian Power, nor wanted too. Many immigrant communities have their gangs/mafia. … The Italians, Hispanics, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc. This is common among recent immigrant communities — especially the poor ones. The ones who are joining AP are the poor ones who most likely came from the former U.S.S.R. As the article stated, many joined AP because they were picked on. No, this isn't an excuse!

“However, many Armenians are professionals and don't do this gang/mafia. This is a MINORITY. I'm disgusted they did this, too. Many Armenians I know are also disgusted.”

Defending Mr. Rollins

Last week's Letters section included a passage from reader Jarvis Mitchell, who called Henry Rollins “pedestrian.” Fighting words! Les Borean writes, “Mr. Rollins is anything but pedestrian. He is one of the main reasons I enjoy the Weekly.”

Mark Wayne agrees. “Henry Rollins' column is the first thing I read every issue of L.A. Weekly. He is like a modern-day Studs Terkel, sort of. Rollins is best when he exposes the hypocrisy all around us. And I'm not a Black Flag fan. I hope he keeps pissing us off.”

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