As if Arizona doesn't have enough of a reputation as a right-wing wasteland, Republican lawmakers there want to expand its controversial immigration law to include papers checks of, well, you know, Mexican-looking people, at local hospitals.

Its immigration law — the yet-to-be enacted legislation would encourage cops to check papers — has already sparked nationwide revolt, including a toothless “economic boycott” of Arizona by the city of L.A.

But the new proposal this week has doctors, medical professionals and immigrants' rights activists really pissed off.

Opponents fear that the new twist would dissuade people from seeking medical care, putting the general populous more at risk of getting sick.

George Pauk of the Physicians for a National Health Program tells Associated Press:

“This is making us into a police state that will try to catch people when they are sick. Do we want to stop sick people from coming in for health care?”

If we're Arizona Republicans, we do, Dr. Pauk.

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