While California couldn't muster the votes to pass full legalization of pot, our friends to the east in Arizona got word over the weekend that its medical marijuana effort, Prop. 203, passed by the thinnest of margins.

That would make Arizona the 15th state in the union to let folks have medical pot. Our sister paper Phoenix New Times had it passing by about 4,341 votes.

Strange state: Passes a bill to discourage illegal immigration at a time when such migrants are waning and whatever crime they create is at a low but opens its doors to quasi-legal pot.

We wonder where all that medical pot will be coming from — Mexico, perhaps? Just a guess.

After all, in California, where medical cannabis has been legal since 1996, Mexican cartels have maintained a heavy role in the supply lines.

Anyway, happy toking, Arizona. You've joined the medical marijuana club. Just think about where all that pot will come from.

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