The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday voted to approve one exemption from its economic and travel boycott of Arizona: A Scottsdale-based company will be allowed to continue to operate the city's red-light cameras.

The exemption was sought by the city's Public Safety Committee because the city's chief administrative officer, who also endorsed the move, estimated it could cost taxpayers $1.5 million to seek another operator and install new equipment.

American Traffic Solutions runs L.A.'s 32 red-light cameras. If its contract is not extended when it runs out at the end of the month, the city might also be out revenue from the tickets and fines the cameras ultimately generate.

The city has had a rough time putting its money where its mouth is regarding the boycott: The Los Angeles Police Department also sought an exemption to the boycott so that it could send four officers to Arizona for previously scheduled training. The department quietly withdrew the request, however.

And it's been noted that L.A. gets as much as 25 percent of its electricity from Arizona.

The boycott stems from the state's controversial immigration law, which encourages police to verify the immigration status of suspects they stop who are believed to possibly be in the country illegally.

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