Short and a little retro (remember the '00s?):

According to MTV, Shamwow's Vince now has hip hop street cred, a few years after his late-night fame and his (allegedly) beating-a-whore infamy (which possibly opened the gates for Snuggiemania):

Still, we can't blame Em for being late to the party. It seems that the entire hip-hop world is just discovering Offer, who had previously achieved a modicum of fame with his abrasive late-night infomercial for the ultra-absorbent ShamWow! (our favorite line: “Made in Germany … you know the Germans always make good stuff!”) but became a stoner god (and a bonafide celebrity) with his over-the-top spot for Slap Chop (“You're gonna love my nuts!”). Shoot, just a few weeks back, Snoop Dogg paid tribute to Offer by working his Slap Chop spiel — “Fettuccini, linguini, martini, bikini” — into his verse on Katy Perry's massive “California Gurls.”

LA Weekly