The comedy troupe Dynamite Kablammo serves up wit and talent in a performance that opens on a note of horror. The protagonist (actor/director Greg Kaczynski) in an Edgar Allan Poe-like episode attempts to seal up his companion (Dane Biren) behind a layer of bricks; a moment later, said companion pops up out of a surprise window announcing his discovery of a nightclub — bump-'n'-grind music blasts, drunk horny girls call out to him. The series of sketches that follows continues to surprise. The troupe rattles the audience with tummy-shaking humor: A swashbuckling pirate asserts, “A fish fucked a rock and that's how turtles came to be”; a comedian (Dana DeRuyck) hires an “insecurity” guard to remind her of her shortcomings so she can use the material; things get a little hairy, literally, when a girl (DeRuyck) starts taking hormones and her boyfriend (Matt DeNoto) has to deal. There's even an unforgettable, perverse love ballad about divorce. A number of scenes inevitably dip into sitcom land, but with such a delectable array of fast-moving sketches, the show remains savory. Among the fine cast, standouts Biren, DeNoto and DeRuyck prove to be the kind of folks you want to be your b.f.f., to sit on your couch and make you laugh. Kaczynski's dynamic directing provides swift pacing, and sound/tech maestro Adam Neubauer puts the “ammo” in Dynamite Kablammo.
Tuesdays, 8:30 p.m. Starts: Jan. 15. Continues through Feb. 19, 2008

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