As California's leftern-most reaches align against Arizona's controversial new immigraiton law (Los Angeles, San Fransisco, San Diego, Santa Ana and more have at least expressed opposition, with some, like L.A., approving an outright boycott of the desert state) a backlash against the Golden State among Tea Party types seems to be emerging.

A boycott of California over big-city opposition to the Arizona law is taking flight on the web, with one poster asking folks to “join the California boycott:” ” … We can do this by planning trips to Arizona (Grand Canyon, O.K. Corral, etc.) and by buying Arizona-based products. But we can also take the next logical step and boycott California.”

This particular post lists California-based businesses that can be targeted by those who agree with Arizona's law. (It erroneously names Hilton Hotels, which was recently purchased by an out-of-state concern, as a Golden State company).

The Arizona law allows police to ask those they stop for proof of legal status in the United States.

(The Weekly has been saying “allow” instead of “requires” — as many other news outlets have been describing the law — because the language of Arizona senate bill 1070 (PDF) states “a reasonable attempt shall be made [by law enforcement], when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person.” It doesn't say cops are a required to check on the immigration status of people they stop).

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