We're surprised. When we had a cranky take on Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's plan to shut down 7.5 miles of streets next month for a bike ride, it wasn't the two-wheeled activists who took offense; folks critical of cyclists appeared to have the loudest voices

Clearly there are Angelenos who see a radical wing in what we've called the enviro-cyclist movement, which includes the streets-dominating Critical Mass group.

As much as fossil-torching cars get on some bicyclists' nerves, there are four-wheeled folks who are just as tired of the righteous lane hogs on bikes. “Robert” comments:

OMG here we go again with the radical, aggressive, hostile bikers. Thanks for the warning Dennis. Look at the YouTube videos of Critical Mass in LA and you'll see these bikers are out for publicity and attention. Another wasteful city spending for a bunch of nerds. Why would these bikers be used this way by the Mayor for a photo op? The bikers bad mouth the Mayor but there they will be riding right next to him. How lame!! No more strong people like the City of Bell standing up and refusing to be run by the politicians. Too bad LA has such weak people in the city.

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