It's been rough times for the L.A.-based White Girl Mob, particularly Kreayshawn. Maybe that's why shortly after their recent show here, her crewmate V-Nasty tweeted that she and Kreayshawn had purchased an apartment in Chicago.

Meanwhile, last week, while Kreayshawn bailed on her show in Canada, V-Nasty flew to Atlanta to work on a mixtape with Gucci Mane, the man she says is her favorite rapper. Producers ThaBizness — who also handled production on her song “Swobbin'” — Tweeted a photo as proof. (You can see it below).

You already know how much we like V-Nasty, so we were a bit distressed to see her smitten with the ATL immediately. She hit the strip clubs and the club Mansion, got Gucci on a remix to “Swobbin',” and spread the news all over Twitter that she loved the city. Within a couple of days, she'd tweeted Kreayshawn: “I love this shit Im moving out here. Yu comin?”

By yesterday, the third member of the White Girl Mob had boarded the bandwagon as well, tweeting to Soulja Boy and Mann that ATL was calling her name. “Bay area shawty Atlanta dreaming LA liven,” she added.

What's the allure? We don't know why anyone would want to leave L.A., especially for Chicago, where the weather's garbage. But Atlanta is the hip-hop capital, and could promise a new start for the much-maligned White Girl Mob. (The odds of anyone recognizing V-Nasty down there are pretty slim.)

Our advice? Just don't use the n-word down there.

LA Weekly