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Over the last few years, podcasts have become very prevalent, and few so prevalent as that of social commentator Antony Gordon.

 The Antony Gordon functions as an inspirational and life-altering podcast, where Gordon amplifies the important subjects that are forced onto our society by popularized culture.

 Gordon is a very well-known businessman, a highly respected attorney, and a prestigious rabbi who imparts advice very similar to that of a concerned life coach on all his podcasts. If anyone is looking to make major changes in their life, Gordon’s podcast is extremely important. 

Now that Gordon has picked up steam and has a huge following, he is using his show to speak in front of a nice size live audience at the Mastermind Zenith Retreat (MZ Retreat). Gordon will be sharing his knowledge to fellow prosperous commercial entrepreneurs in this life altering retreat. Even though Gordon is not the main speaker, him being there is of extreme importance, as he will be helping other main speakers such as, Jeff Lamm, Nate Lambert, and Lance King.

The retreat is a straightforward reflection of the standards and fundamentals shared by Gordon on his podcast, as the other main speakers spotlight the extreme value of groundwork values that are inherent to accomplishing an achievable life transformation. Those values are integrity, morality, love, and ethics. These noteworthy principles play an influential part in helping a person find their best purpose in life, one that not only helps the person, but the whole community as one. Main speaker Jason Hartman and Michelle Tucker accentuates different ways to reach financial success,  as well as predict our tough and transforming economy.

The supreme goal is to transition a person by helping them find a prominent career, and the purpose for their life. This is attain through many channels such as: lectures group activities, presentations, and exercises. The retreat is based in the amazing city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.. This is a very safe and relaxing atmosphere that assists a person tune into their goals, and at the same time leave all their stresses somewhere else. The retreat gives those who attend unique ways that can be applied everyday to refocus their mind, giving them what they need to transform their life in the proper way.

The Zenith Retreat focuses to help an individual the top of their spiritual consciousness, financial success, and their purposeful happiness. There are multiple Zenith Retreats taking place in 2021. They will take place all around the country, even around the entire world. You can’t get any better self-improvement material, that will absolutely change your life and help you find your purpose, other than at the Zenith Retreat. (So, attending one should be at the peak of your mind, and the peak of your list, an opportunity of a lifetime, that shouldn’t be missed.)

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