Talk about your series of unfortunate events.

An L.A. area man in North Carolina took a wrong turn, and things started to really go wrong. Like the cop that pulled behind him to stop him. Antonio Hernandez Carranza thought the officer was just trying to pass, so he pulled to the side and drove slowly … while officers set up stop sticks that flattened his tires.

When cops pulled him out, they thought he was drunk. So to the slammer he went. But it got worse:

The 91 pounds of tortilla dough and cheese he was carrying in his truck tested positive for cocaine. Ah-ha!

Now this Latino was in deep shit, way down in the Deep South — in Asheville, North Carolina.

It happened earlier this month on route I-240, but it was only recently reported.



Turns out, after further testing, that food was just tortillas and cheese that Hernandez said he was taking to a sister. No hits for coke.


Some enzymes in the cheese tend to give off false positives in the portable field tests used by police.

And he didn't turn out to be drunk.

But he was jailed for four days on suspicion of cocaine possession — until the food tests came back — in lieu of $300,000 bail.

And his truck was impounded.

Authorities let him go May 4, a North Carolina justice official told the Weekly. And he reportedly got $400 for his troubles.

But Hernandez says that's not enough to get his truck out of hock.

Que lastima.

Dude, when you get back to Carson we'll buy you a dozen fresh, handmade ones. And just think, this whole experience — priceless.

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