“Well, the first thing you know Taylor Swift's a millionaire,

Kinfolk said, 'Tay move away from there'

Said, 'Californy is the place you ought to be'

So she loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly.

Hills, that is. Swimmin' pools, country music stars.”

We only poke very gentle fun because we, too, have Tennessee ties, and we understand the shimmery siren call of Los Angeles. The Real Estalker, practitioners of a whole other level of the good ol' driveby, gushed yesterday over the country music starlet's reported purchase of a $3.5 million, 3-bedroom house in Beverly Hills. Details were so abundantly opulent they must have been lifted right off a page of Million Dollar Listing.

Nothing is officially confirmed yet:

Although her (alleged) new crib in the Bev Hills Post Office may be the priciest property currently in her portfolio, it does not appear that Miss Swift-a nice young lady who writes bitter hit songs about ex-boyfriends and lovers-will pack up her gee-tars and bespangled cowboy boots and move from Country Music Capital, TN to Botox Hills, CA. She recently told night time chat show host Jay Leno that, “Nashville is home…[it's] where I live. I love it more than anywhere in the world.”

But just before her Los Angeles concert last weekend (Kobe was there- who knew?), she tweeted, “Leaving Staples, looking forward to skipping onto the plane where my band and crew will be eating In-N-Out and making fun of each other. Oh, and LA… You were magical and perfect.”

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