If we were the Anaheim Police Department, we'd also put our IT geeks on high alert.

While cops in the Orange County city stood off with protesters overnight after two officer involved shootings in the largely Latino town put residents on-edge, the notorious hacker group Anonymous appears to have officially sided with the people in the streets.

A video unleashed on YouTube this morning says:

In Anaheim police shot protesters and bystanders, including kids who did nothing wrong. Anonymous are calling yet again to the citizens of the United States to rise up in unison and defeat this government which values no lives nor freedom. … Operation Anaheim engage … Expect us.

Not the thing you want to year if you're a cop trying to complete paperwork on your laptop after another night of busting Mexicans' heads near Disneyland.

Anonymous has been known to launch denial-of-service (DoS) attacks on websites, which essentially overload them with requests and shut them down.

But there are other, more sinister tools in its arsenal, including cracking internal systems, obtaining personal data, and publishing employees' home addresses, cellphone numbers, and other info. Like the time they did just that to L.A. cops.

Yep. If you think rocks and bottles hurt, Anaheim PD, brace yourselves.

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