Anonymous offshoot CabinCr3w has set its sights back on L.A. law enforcement.

The hackers first targeted the LAPD in the angry aftermath of the massive, allegedly violent raid of the Occupy L.A. encampment downtown.

And they're back for more Internet payback this week, getting revenge on the cops for “injustices they have allowed through ignorance or naivety” and/or “[failing] to protect the safety of those they took an oath to serve.”

Not sure how the Los Angeles County Police Canine Association fits into all that — except that the union-of-sorts hosts a wealth of information on all types of officers, all over L.A. County — but yeah, the association is the unfortunate target of a massive new leak.

The hackers write in their opening statement that of all their recent police hacks, this was the most “disturbing”:

“In this venture we have obtained the names and addresses of over 1000 officers, over fifteen thousand police warrants, hundreds of thousands of court summons, over forty thousand social security numbers of citizens proving the police lack of care for the security of the citizens, anonymous tips of criminal informants pertaining to narcotics, criminal informant information and thousands of online police reports. In all of this information, the large amount we have seen none of it has been as disturbing as what we found in this most recent target.”

Dozens of cops, at departments ranging from the LAPD to the LAX police to the LAUSD police, are listed next to their cellphone numbers and addresses on

But Mechelle Thompson, an alleged airport cop at LAX (her name does appear in this newsletter) , gets the worst of it. Anonymous has posted a series of nude photos, available for download, that they allegedly found in her inbox.

(At the LAPD's own canine unit, the officer at the front desk says of the hack: “I have no idea what you're talking about.” We've emailed members of the Los Angeles County Police Canine Association for comment.)

UP NEXT: Anonymous claims to have found child porn in the inbox of South Gate cop Jesse Flores, and goes after the L.A. Sheriff's Department.

Then there's the alleged South Gate officer that hackers have nicknamed “PedoCop”:

“In one of these emails, that of Jesse Flores, we found the disturbing content stated earlier. Images of children in an email with the subject “Men In Training” which were of questionable material. The pictures being those such as 1) A small boy looking down the bathing suit of a small girl 2) A small child fully nude 3) A Small boy pulling on the nipple of a grown woman.”

Below is a screenshot of the “Men in Training” email, albeit sans the sketchy photos in question. (Click to enlarge.) We've contacted “PedoCop” to confirm that he was behind the email.

Anonymous likewise reaped loads of personal data from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, a more common target of public outrage. Always ones to bask in authorities' dorky scramble after an attack, the hackers then posted what they claim to be a warning email from Deputy Adam Stoll:

This was discovered by Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau during SHB's active social media monitoring program. It lists all of the officers belonging to the association, along with their address, phone number, email address, and password provided when the account was registered.

SHB filed a complaint with Facebook and asked for it to be taken down as spam. However, no guarantees.

The Facebook page does appear to have been removed. Guess Zuckerberg isn't as amused as the rest of Gen Y.

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