It's a busy frickin' Interweb, isn't it? So much blather and hot air, so many sites to wade through to find something useful and/or awesome and/or informative. Believe us, we know. We're filling space a dozen times daily on all things music, and still can't cover all the information that comes into our inbox.

And then … and then … we find something beautiful: a Twitter writer who captures in 140 what lesser mortals take paragraphs to convey. A Flickr account whose eye for beauty is breathtaking. A music blogger that makes us nervous with their 'tude and opinions and power to make or break.

It's these beautiful sites/accounts/personalities that we're celebrating with the LA Weekly's first annual Los Angeles Web Awards, which aims to separate the proverbial wheat from the proverbialer chaff, which honors the power of the ONE over the muscle of THE MAN. Is the Tweet mightier than the Times?

Got an opinion on a blogger/tweeter/flickr superstar? Nominate them, then. We've opened the nominations, and you're more than welcome to submit whoever or whatever you want, even if it's a project that you do your own damn self.

From your nominations, a crack team of expert judges — including Attack of the Show's Kevin Pereira, Nerdist's Chris Hardwick, Digg's Aubrey Sabala, Web personality iJustine and others — will comb through the sites and choose winners to be announced at our blowout party, location TBA.

That nomination ballot is here.

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