The marijuana movement has seen some strange bedfellows, including such decriminalization backers as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and the conservative Rev. Pat Robertson.

The state NORML convention wrapped up over the weekend in L.A., but not without the appearance of Texas Republican octogenarian Ann Lee, who also thinks people should be free to smoke weed.

Of course, she also happens to be …

… the mother of Richard Lee, the man behind the Bay Area's Oaksterdam University and the financial backer of the almost-passed pot-legalization initiative in California called Prop. 19.

Lee, 84, apparently impressed the faithful at the NORML confab with her feelings, particularly that legalization and Republican values go hand-in-hand:

Republicans believe in three things: limited government, fiscal responsibility, and less intrusion in your private life. The drug war is against all the principles of the Republican Party.

What we have, instead, she says, is a system of brutal, big-government imprisonment:

We've taken freedom away from way too many young blacks and Latinos.

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