If weather girls can become television food megastars, then why can't massively addictive Finnish game apps become cookbooks? That was a rhetorical question; of course they can. And what better game to make the transition to cookbook than Angry Birds, a game that slingshots birds at, well, stuff. Rovio, the Finland-based gaming company that launched the app in 2009, announced at this week's Open Mobile Summit in London that they are developing a cookbook. And yes, it will have its own corresponding app. It will not, however, be a chicken cookbook, but one centered around egg recipes. I guess the eggs come before the chickens in Finland.

Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio's head of marketing and business development, has said that the title will be self-published and likely distributed by Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble. Rovio has been successful at marketing not just its app, but t-shirts, key chains and other Angry Birds paraphernalia. No word on any movies in development. Yet. Maybe they're waiting on the cookbook before they approach Meryl Streep. Julia Child, after all, was as adept at French omelets as she was at whole chickens. Imagine her with a slingshot.

LA Weekly