Spotting local legend Angelyne cruising Sunset in her pink Corvette is an L.A. rite of passage — it's common, but anytime it happens, it still feels like a stroke of good luck. (Or, you know, you could be lucky enough to be given a solo ride-along with the billboard queen. Bring extra cash for souvenirs!)

If there was any doubt the artist-slash-model-slash–self-styled celebrity put a lot of miles on her signature coupe, our suspicions were confirmed when her 2008 hot-pink ride materialized on eBay with 190,000 miles on the odometer, for the bargain price of $11,211 (barring a bidding war). So far there's been one bid, but 105 people are watching the auction. 

So, yes, the next time you see a hot-pink Corvette on the streets of L.A., there might be an imposter behind the wheel. But, no, it doesn't spell the end of the era of Angelyne sightings.

Although the eBay listing instructs interested parties to call “Hugo” — the name's even in quotes in the ad — an assistant named Scott Hennig returned my call and explained that this is just one of his employer's hot-pink Corvettes. Since last year, Angelyne's been driving the latest generation — a 2016 C7 — and she's unloading her C6. He said she has a 2017 'Vette that's currently being painted, although it doesn't appear that those have been released quite yet.

“I think two Corvettes are plenty for getting around L.A.,” Hennig joked. “I get around on a 10-speed bike.” 
As for the '08, the ad touts the car's removable top, new tires and radiator, and says it “runs great.” For people who are more interested in the car's merits as a collector's item than a reliable mode of transportation, the listing also says: “Seen all over Hollywood and Los Angeles — Tweeted and drooled over by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, James Franco … seen in movies, magazines and TV.” The latest film it appears in is James Franco's Masterpiece.

Besides recent bidding history, eBay doesn't provide much info about the current bidder, but Hennig said he imagines there's a chance the car will end up being shipped to Europe, where there's a particular interest in Angelyne: “I wouldn't be surprised if it went to Yugoslavia or something.” 

Angelenos who have the means and want to keep that from happening have until Sunday at 8:15 p.m. to place a bid. 

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