In the two days since he collapsed dead near his home in Westwood — likely from a heart attack — conservative blogger and personality (and publisher and author and everything else) Andrew Breitbart, 43, has been praised for his Internet ingenuity and deep understanding of the media/the audience.

Breitbart often said, and his surviving friends now say, that he was truly happy doing what he did

… which was mostly call politicians on their BS and expose the follies of the left. (And get the story up before anyone else, with the best headline, of course.)

“His main battle was reminding Americans” that this country was founded on “the pursuit of happiness, not the pursuit of despair,” his chief deputy, Joel Pollack, told the Weekly yesterday.

Yet Breitbart's pursuit of happiness got progressively angrier over the years, as he wrecking-balled his way through press conferences and Occupy Wall Street protests, shouting down anyone who would (or wouldn't) listen.

We've never seen any public figure spit insults as venomous — and just straight cruel — as Breitbart on an angry streak.

Here are his five lowest lows. Or highest highs, depending on how you liked your Breitbart.

5. Andrew Breitbart vs. Max Blumenthall

Highlight: “You're the most despicable life form I've ever seen.”

4. Andrew Breitbart vs. Darryl Jenkins

Highlight: “Are you accusing me of being a white supremacist? Can somebody please take this guy out of here? You punk!”

3. Andrew Breitbart vs. David Shuster

Highlight: Sorry, couldn't hear anything he was saying. Sort of just a big Breitbart-Shuster mush of angry noise.

2. Andrew Breitbart vs. Tommy Christopher

“He's evil! He's evil!! He's evil!!! He's evil!!!!”

1. Andrew vs. Occupy L.A.

Highlight: “You filthy, filthy, filthy raping murdering freaks!”

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