Keep it classy, Santa Monica!

Patch is reporting that Anastasia Atwil, a 40-year-old blonde charged with assaulting a stranger last December at Miyako Restaurant, has plead “no contest” (aka, guilty without really admitting it) and is now on probation.

She allegedly cracked a wine glass over fellow patron Steve Noble's head…

… after overhearing him make a not-so-favorable remark about blondes. Specifically, according to Patch, that he does not have an “affinity” for the fairer-haired.

That's right — as the story goes, Noble didn't even make the comment directly to Atwil, but instead to two other women at his table. (We've contacted Santa Monica PD for the official details.) Stranger still, she's not that blonde!

But Atwil apparently felt it her job to stick up for Barbie nation at Miyako that night, confronting Noble and telling him he shouldn't generalize. Patch reports from the courtroom:

A female friend of his asked Atwil to stay out of their conversation and a “heated conversation” ensued, Noble said.

Noble said he left the table and when he returned he sat down and Atwil walked over to him and without saying anything hit him over the head behind his right ear with a wine glass.

So what will Atwil pay for her noble (if batshit crazy) deeds on behalf of the blonde community?

Two hundred hours of community service, a 100-yard restraining order from Noble and $340 for the head injuries he suffered in the wine-glass incident (including some shards in his forehead), according to Patch.

Congratulations, girl. This is the most gangster Ocean Park has gotten since the hillbillies of Ry Cooder's childhood threw back brewskies along the boulevard.

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