Nadya Suleman's first public interview since she gave birth to octuplets January 26 was previewed by NBC's Today show Friday. Suleman, who has been dubbed “Octupussy” by, was instantly analyzed by an array of amateurs and professionals.

“Reading what the Octo-Mom said in her first ever interview was crazy,” posted Perez Hilton, “but not as fucking INSANE as watching her speak.

She is batshit bananas!!!!!!!!!!”

Suleman, who public records now reveal has suffered from depression for years, told interviewer Ann Curry that she grew up an only child in a “dysfunctional family.”

An Associated Press story quotes psychologist Diane G. Sanford as linking Suleman's multiple births with a possible obsessive-compulsive disorder:

“Her obsession centers around children, having children and being a mother,” Sanford told AP. “To what degree are her esteem and identity based on being a mom and why has this from a young age been such a preoccupation of hers?”

The same AP story quoted another psychologist who specializes in fertility issues, Judith Horowitz, who painted an uncertain future for Suleman and her 14 children, six of whom are from previous pregnancies.

“This woman could not comprehend the ramifications of having eight children of the same age at the same time,” Horowitz said. “After Pampers stops delivering the free diapers, then what?”

Today's Matt Lauer interviewed psychiatrist Gail Saltz and the network's chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman. The pair said they found Suleman “a bit in denial.” (Interview begins after a brief excerpt from the Suleman interview.)

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