How do I ease my way into anal?

Ah, the old ease-into-anal question. Yes, there are ways to make anal sex more  comfortable and none of them have to do with those products that numb your butt hole so you can¹t feel a thing. If you have to numb yourself to perform any sex act, be it anal, oral or vaginal, my best advice is don¹t do it.

To get comfortable with the idea of placing something in through the out-door, start by focusing on your breathing. Better yet, start by having an orgasm some other way first, so that you¹re already relaxed. Then get back to your breathing (focusing on your breathing during orgasm is an often way to heighten sensation). Buy a small butt plug, or try a finger before you graduate to a fist or a penis.

sensitive subject, literally), but use a generous amount to make it easier to slide your sex toy or finger in.

The butt doesn¹t self lubricate, so in order to enjoy anal stimulation you need to get your lube on. Use as much as you need and know that spit is going to dry out too soon to be lube in this situation.

Once you¹ve inserted whatever it is you¹re experimenting with –

SIDENOTE: Make sure it has a flared base because what comes up the black hole of Uranus doesn¹t have to necessarily come back out. Use something that can¹t go all the way in.

– and you feel the sudden urge to let it out, stop where you are and focus on your breath. Eventually that feeling will subside and you¹ll be able to proceed. Slowly and surely. Take your time. Stimulate your clit or stroke your cock as you slide things in. They key is to do it for as long as it feels good, and if it stops feeling good, then stop! 

Simon Howden.

LA Weekly