Men with dogs have it wrong. The way to seduce women is with a cat. Case in point: Paul Klusman and TJ Wingard made this video about “cat yodeling” (be patient, the first few introductory minutes are of non-cat footage). Klusman and Wingard are the guys who brought you An Engineer's Guide to Cats, which was the number one viral video on the web for two weekends in a row last year.

Klusman is an aerospace engineer living in Wichita, Kansas. He is 40 years old.

And although Brokeback Mountain is one of his favorite movies–listen up crazy cat ladies–he is also single and straight.

Why did you make a video about cat yodeling?

I live in Wichita, Kansas. There is nothing else to do here.

Is it really cat “yodeling”? Is that a thing now? Or is it just a

fancy name for cats being annoyed?

The practice of cat rhythmic vocal modification through annoyance and

cuddling is often referred to as “kitty bagpipes” but I thought “cat

yodeling” sounded dorkier. This IS a thing now but it is a dorky thing.

In certain Nordic countries it is known as “cat jodeling.” I think the

“o” in “jodeling” needs to have the two dots over it but I can't figure

out how to type that on my keyboard.

Do women hit on you a lot because of the cat videos?

Yes. TJ and I both get attention from ladies because of the videos. The

ladies typically live in another continent.

Or is it because you like cats?

That, too. Apparently there is a shortage of “cat guys” compared to

“cat ladies” in the world.

Essentially, do you find that the liking of cats makes you more or

less attractive to women? (If you are straight, that is. If you are gay,

then my whole gender stereotype falls apart and you can feel free to ignore the


It makes me more attractive to a certain type of woman. Most recently

it has made me attractive to an “entrepreneurial energy healing

nutritional consultant” and part time nanny in LA who calls herself

“Bright Star” with two black cats, Deliah and Mia, and a couple of

toads, Petey and Fat George.

Why do you think these cat ladies are drawn to you? Is it strictly

about the cats? Meaning, if you didn't like cats, do you think they

would still be attracted to you?

I think it is a combination of demonstrating kindness towards the cats

and having a sense of humor. Without the cat videos I'm a typical 9 to

5 guy who has a house, three cats, and a totally hot 1996 Volvo with a

cracked windshield. I would still get attention from ladies but not any

more than most guys.

Who are the other guys in the yodeling video?

The other members of the cast are fellow engineers and various friends.

Are those cats all yours?

Oscar, Ginger, and Zoey that you see in “Advanced Cat Yodeling” are

mine. They were all strays I adopted. The video also features a cat named Reginald I rescued and adopted to a loving home last year. I still have his “rescue” video on my YouTube account so this is his second appearance in my line of work. Please

contact his agent for talent inquiries and personal appearances.

Would you ever give up your engineering job to direct movies full


Give up sitting in a windowless building under artificial lighting and

staring at a computer all day to do something creative and beautiful? I

don't know… Would I have to leave Wichita?

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