An Angry Samoan and a Weirdo Walk into a Bar: Yeah, the Weirdos is one of those bands with multiple versions, which is a bit annoying but what are you gonna do? There’s the band simply called the Weirdos, with John Denny and Bruce “Ravens” Moreland on the ranks. Then there’s this one — Roman’s Weirdos, led by Cliff Roman hence the name Roman’s Weirdos.

In light of the fact that another Weirdo, Dix Denney, just passed away, you’d like to think that they could get their shit together. But for now, this is the situation.

Similarly but differently, there’s a band out there called Angry Samoan (singular), while former Angry Samoans guitarist Gregg Turner is out there playing as the Gregg Turner Group.

Along with the Unclaimed, they play Long Beach on Friday, Ventura on Saturday and L.A. on Sunday. And here’s the thing — no matter who is and isn’t in the groups, their songs are strong enough to make this a show worth seeing. And the GTG’s album Songs for Sparrow is a gem.

Hear it all this weekend.

An Angry Samoan and a Weirdo Walk into a Bar: Roman’s Weirdos, the Gregg Turner Group, and the Unclaimed perform on Friday, April 14 at Alex’s Bar (Long Beach), on Saturday, April 15 at Gigi’s Cocktail Lounge (Ventura), and at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 16 at Zebulon.




























































































































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