American Coin Co.: Empowering Clients and Building Trust in the Financial World with Vice President and Director, Brett Bultje

In the fast-paced, high-risk world of finance and investment, where trust and integrity are the most important currency, Brett Bultje, Vice President of Sales at American Coin Co., is establishing himself as a steadfast advocate for ethics, compliance and education.

A unique attribute distinguishing Bultje and the company is his commitment to building a solid and cohesive compliance team and dedication to process improvement, skills reinforced by his education while becoming a Six Sigma White Belt, training that provides an understanding of the principles and concepts of Six Sigma methodology for process improvement. As a sales team leader, Bultje is excellent in coaching, mentoring and collaborating with the team on a group and individual basis to ensure compliance but most importantly to develop and grow team members.

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Strong leadership is critical in building a compliance culture within an organization and Bultje is committed to promoting protective guardrails within the organization. One of the ways to do that is by investing in employees. Bultje prioritizes the importance of rallying the team and boosting morale because happy employees create happy customers. Working in sales can be a tough role and he manages to keep spirits high, find new opportunities and keep the perspective positive on the floor.

Bultje knows that the establishment of a culture of compliance begins with instilling positive conduct at every level of the organization. He says, “Trust is the paramount asset any business can possess. No one wants to engage with a company that fails to inspire confidence.” Recognizing the profound impact that even the most minor details can have, the company understands the significance of aligning everyday decisions with regulations and policies.

A fundamental principle of Bultje’s teaching is that people are more important than profits, which is deeply ingrained in the daily operations of American Coin Co. He also encourages steadfast adherence to purposeful actions, respect for others, and making sound decisions that will benefit the long term.

Bultje brings a diverse range of education and finance skills and wears multiple hats on the leadership team, focusing on compliance and education for clients and prospective clients. He graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and completed the Alternative Investments Certification program at Harvard Business School Online. Now, as the director of the Education Webinar Wednesday series, he shapes the company’s training initiatives and ensures compliance is part of the customer experience. He is always developing new content and ways to help his audience understand their options with precious metals.

Bultje envisions a future path in which his work will positively influence his team members, customers and the entire community. “We are in the business of empowering individuals; our mission is to ensure our clients achieve portfolio diversification that withstands the inherent volatility of the financial markets,” asserts Bultje.

Bultje strives to facilitate clients’ financial success, motivate his team to attain excellence, drive innovation, and foster growth while maintaining a harmonious work-life balance. Bultje is a Colorado 3A State Champion in the 100m Dash Track & Field, two-time collegiate Track & Field National Champion, and four-time All-American athlete.

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