AMAZING TEDx Talks Making An Impact Globally !

Many people around the world LOVE TEDx Talks and aspire to deliver their own someday. For many it is indeed on their bucket list and not surprising given the stature of the platform. We have identified a select few currently making an impact globally. Enjoy!

image1 Maria Williams

Antony Gordon

From his days as a stand-up comic in South Africa, to organizing a music concert while a student at the Harvard Law School, to becoming a business manager and life coach for some of the most prominent athletes and celebrities in the world, Antony Gordon’s life journey reflects his ‘can do’ attitude and sharp analysis of pop culture.

Antony’s achievements and accolades include being a Fulbright Scholar, graduate of the Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School’s Executive Program, host of “The Antony Gordon Show” podcast, TEDx Speaker, WSJ and USA Today Best-Selling Author and one of the “Top 50 Most Impactful People of LinkedIn” in 2022.
Antony’s TEDx Talk – “How to Always be Happy!”) was one of the Top 100 Most Viewed TEDx Talks for 2022.

Given his pedigree and experience, Antony has a unique vantage point to dispel many universally accepted myths perpetuated by pop culture.  In his TEDx Talk, he dismantles the notion that a happy life is a pain-free life, which he demonstrates through his own life experiences. In order to live a fulfilled and happy life, Antony’s call to action is to critically examine the veracity and authenticity of the content offered by pop culture.

Watch Antony’s TEDx Talk here:

Elissa Scott

Elissa Scott – The T Lady.  Elissa is the proud owner of Menopause Tea Hot Flush Tea and Meno Belly Weight Loss Tea with a goal of saturating the world one tea bag at a time.  Elissa 54 years, a serial entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Amazon’s #1 best-selling co-author and the Gordon Ramsey of the Tea Bag.  An ex-alcoholic, drug addict and survivor of 17 years domestic violence.  Elissa chose not to be a victim to her circumstances, got back up from the darkness and made something of her life.

Out of adversity, anything’s truly possible…

Today is about empowering you to follow your dreams and encourage you to take your next step or the even the first step and I hope to inspire you all to follow your dreams however crazy they may seem.

Elissa was born into domestic violence, Elissa was physically, emotionally and mentally tortured for 17 years, sleeping outside on concrete driveways was her bedroom, bashed, whipped with belts on her bare little legs until blood dripped down to the floor; you all wore jewellery she wore bruises, fists broke her jaw, she was hated, dragged up in a very negative environment.

Elissa was stabbed in the head with the pointy end scissors, starved, locked outside, and raped by another family member.  Bullying was the norm at school, day in day out, it never stopped, her 3 attempts at suicided failed.  Elissa failed the HSC, wagging, shoplifting and grabbing food was her normal in order to survive.
This is Elissa’s story we hope you enjoy the ride!

Watch Elissa’s TEDx Talk here:

Dr Kim Brown

Dr Kim Brown knows what it takes to get out of your own way and become unstoppable. After releasing the fears around being seen and heard, Kim has had a highly successful TEDx Talk impacting over 128k people globally in its first 12 months.

Kim empowers people utilising NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis to change their belief systems, habits, behaviours, and values so they can choose the future of their desires. No longer living by the pre-programmed ideal that was set by someone else. After working to the point of burnout in the Health and Wellness industries, Kim knows all too well the anxiety, stress and lack of self-worth facing our Healthcare and small business owners as they struggle to make ends meet.

Kim delivers a no BS approach to help clear the past traumas, clear the anxiety and burnout and to help her clients reset their nervous systems to find the calm balance within their work and life. Kim is passionate about working 1:1 with clients or via her NLP certification trainings so the knowledge is passed on to create physical, emotional, and financial freedom.

Not only do clients learn how to create solid and tangible outstanding goals, but also how to change the nervous system to evolve into that new reality permanently. This is not a motivational seminar that is forgotten weeks later. Kim will show you and your nervous system a new unstoppable habit structure and belief system.

Watch Kim’s TEDx Talk here:

Jennifer Britton

Jennifer Britton is the CEO and Founder of Potentials Realized, an award-winning coaching, training and consulting company. A virtual, remote and hybrid leader and pioneer since the early 1990s, Jennifer works with teams and organizations globally to support better conversations for relationships, results, collaboration, and an enhanced organizational culture.

As an author Jennifer is well known for her writing in the areas of group and team coaching, having influenced a generation of coaches who are scaling their conversations to many. Her more recent writing through the Reconnecting Workspaces series explores the evolving world of work – including virtual, remote and hybrid workspaces.

As Jennifer shares in her latest TEDx Talk, Coaching Teams Through Chaos, “In a world which is ever changing, challenging ourselves to ask the question “what’s possible” on a regular basis is critical. Our ability to come together to pause, reflect and learn together supports us in imagining and activating an even better tomorrow”.

This talk was part of the December 2022 TEDx Trinity Bellwood’s Women event.  Jennifer expands upon her experience and research around team coaching, zooming into the WHO and WHAT of exceptional team performance. The TEDx talk explores what supports teams need to do their best work and thrive in an ever-changing world, specifically the six different  factors teams need and the Work Styles that are likely to be present on your team.

Watch Jennifer’s TEDx talk here:

Saj Shah

In a world that seems filled with chaos and uncertainty, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from any sense of joy. But what if the key to unlocking joy was within us all along and had just gone unnoticed?

In Saj Shah’s TEDx talk titled “3 Keys to Unlock Your Dash of Joy” he shares three ridiculously simple practices to tap into your inner reserves of joy and cultivate it in your daily lives when it matters most. This heartfelt, touching, and inspiring TEDx talk was amongst the top 5 most watched TEDx talks on YouTube in 2022 with over 2.3 million views.

Kenyan-born Londoner, Saj Shah is passionate about expanding joy in the world. With a background as a corporate executive, health-tech entrepreneur, lawyer, and pharmacist, Saj was inspired by personal experiences, to re-evaluate his own relationship with joy.

This powerful period of reflection led him to write a best-selling playbook on cultivating joy titled: “JOYNETIX- Unlock Your Joy Potential”. Evolving from the book, he founded a boutique consultancy firm (named JOYNETIX) that empowers and enables global organizations to generate thriving joy-fuelled cultures in the workplace that promote well-being.

Watch Saj’s TEDx talk here:

Cat Saunders

Cat X Saunders is from the trendy outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.

Her refreshing honesty, which is a beautiful mix of practical hands on country with a fusion of glamour and femininity, brings with it a strength and power as she shares openly and rawly at times.In her successful TEDx Talk, Cat touches on how things that occur in your childhood can dictate and predict, albeit unconsciously, your future.

Qualified in her Masters with NLP & Coaching, Cat is either with her family & dogs living her best life or is mentoring in an aera very passionate to her, which is showing women in how to break free from behavioural and mindset habits that keep them stuck.

Showing them how they to achieve emotional freedom to truly heal and grow from the stories from the past and where they can create change with the choice financial freedom can provide.

Watch Cat’s TEDx Talk here:

Albana Vrioni

Albana knows what it takes to realize profound generative change.
Drawing learnings from transformational change experiences in many levels and settings, Albana sets out to share her message with 111k people globally.
The name of the game is Change Crowdsourcing, a manifestation of generative intelligence.

Albana recognizes that we are suffering from a collective impoverishment of creative imagination for a better future. And it is where Change Crowdsourcing comes into play as a strategy for accelerating change by stirring and steering creative achievement. In large and in small settings.

At the individual level, Albana inspires people to develop generative intelligence and self-leadership. Albana accompanies business leaders to manifest a pro-creative and innovation-oriented leadership that builds on a mindset of systemic and subtle awareness, connection, and co-creation. When it comes to large-scale organizational and societal change, she advises leaders on ways to effectively enrich and tap into collective imagination for a better future.

People and teams working with Albana get to discover the abundance of systemic resourcefulness they can use to realize their desires – once their generative intelligence gets in motion. Business leaders learn to crowdsource ideas from a place of generative mindset, developing services or products that are widely desired and progressive (“future friendly”).

Increasing generative intelligence remains a challenge. The evolution of AI and social technologies may contribute to the further impoverishment of creative imagination. Albana believes that leaders can reverse this trend by applying generative leadership and crowdsourcing change strategically.

Albana works passionately with leaders and leadership teams who want to be future shapers. At the base of her coaching process are generative practices that enhance leadership performance on many levels, most notably in creative achievement. Clients learn to develop states of being and of connecting with the wider field of intelligence that changes their resourcefulness, their resilience and creativity, and stamina, in ways that make their leadership impactful and their vision a reality.

Watch Albana’s TEDx Talk here :

Catherine Molloy

Brain imaging technology shows us that we react before we speak, we can make up a story for someone else in a split second and this is where most miscommunication occurs – in a split second… so maybe it is time to “Think before you speak” which is the title of Catherine Molloy’s TEDx Talk.

Catherine Molloy is the CEO and Founder of Auspac Business Advantage a global educational training company working in soft skills. Her books are international best sellers, amazon #1best sellers and have won book awards in business and leadership. The Million Dollar Handshake has been published in many languages and was made business book of the year by Orion books UK for 7 dials in 2018. It’s all about the three main tools we have all been given  – our body language, our behaviours, and our mindset the three key tools in her TEDx talk Catherine has many resources for mastering communication and your fist impression (that we all make in our first 7 seconds).

Catherine has been speaking on the areas of Mastering communication and difficult conversations since 2009 and what she knows is you can buy the best equipment for the team and business , employ amazing people but if you don’t communicate well to yourself, your team, and your clients then your business may fail, and you could have a constant turnover of staff. Therefore, by understanding how to master communication you can consciously connect at a higher level in business and life .

‘Think before you speak’  was the title of Catherine’s TEDx Talk delivered in 2022 in N. Ireland and was ranked 2nd in June 2022 of most watched newest released TEDx Talks with 4500 released globally at this time.

It is a simple hack of a conversation that went wrong without even saying a word.  Had words been spoken along with the body language there would have been no miscommunication, so we hope you enjoy this too.

Watch Catherine’s TEDx Talk here:

William Micklem

What does it say about someone who writes a best-selling book, designs a game changing best-selling product , and develops a series of ground-breaking structures for improving performance?  William Micklem is both a renaissance man and hugely successful coach.

As a coach his dual aims are to simplify and energise, making his work unusually accessible and effective, and his TEDx talk, The GO! Rules, epitomises these aims.  Therefore, it is no surprise to those who know William that he has had over half a million views on You Tube in just four months, with an extraordinary response from the widest range of performers.

“A wonderful thoughtful and motivational strategy that will change lives.” Brian Smith
“It’s like a bunch of magic keys for performance, as well as a wonderful rerouting for those in a cul de sac.”  Suzanne Campbell.
“A game changer for goal setting theory and practice for young people.” Dr Alan R Johnson
“I shall be sharing this GOodness far and wide.” Kim Walnes
“The GO! Rules are liberating steps that we can go back to time and time again and be refuelled each time.” Liam Moggan
“The Go! Rules should be incorporated into all schools’ wellbeing programmes.  They are intrinsically motivational and empowering for all students, parents, and teachers.”  Sadie Honner
“Inspirational and reflective nuggets.” Prof Emmeline Hill
An outstanding insight into mindset and bravery in life!  Alisha Mullen
“A monumental achievement.” Niamh Malin
“Inspirational, absolutely brilliant. You have an incredible gift.” Noel Griffin

Watch William’s TEDx Talk here:

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