Ranter: Man of about 60 wearing denim shirt, cap and jeans.

Location: 714 bus, eastbound on Beverly

Time: 4:45 p.m. on a Monday

Topics Covered: The relationship between Republican executive leadership and on-the-ground economic conditions; Hovervilles; how homelessness with a goal in mind isn't homelessness; how knighthood worked; love.

Does Rant Include Advice on Whom You Should Not Fuck With? Yes, various George Bushes.

The Rant:

[Denim Man has been speaking to a woman of about 30, dressed for the office and politely disinterested.]

Denim Man: I told everybody back when Arnold came in that it was hard times ahead. Same thing with Bush. Soon as he started showing up on TV, I told everyone at the shop, 'We've been through this before. You best put some money in a jar. You don't mess with these boys.'

They got tent cities up in Sacramento. So the governor has to look at them and see what all's really happening. I'm not homeless, but everybody thinks I am. I bet you thought I was.

[Woman shakes head.]

I'm just travelling. Going downtown right now on some business I have to see to.

[A man standing nearby mouths “You okay?” to the woman. She nods.]

You have to have business. You have to be travelling toward something or you're not getting anyplace. I'm a machinist, thirty years, and just like that I was out of work. What was I going to do? Training? Technical school? I should be teaching. I should have an apprentice.

I have a boy somewhere. Out there.

You know those kids that travel with knights? Squires? They were like sidekicks. Them and knights, always traveling around. They just kept moving. They always had business in the next kingdom.

I have business downtown. You have business?

Woman: I have a boyfriend.

[She inflects this upward, like it's a question.]

Denim Man: Love! That's a business right there! I used to have someone, and, ma'am, business was good!

[Denim Man continues his monologue. Her phone rings, but she lets it go to voicemail.]

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