Norwalk resident Alma Berenice Limon Arredondo was driving her silver 2005 Ford Mustang down the 710 South last night, just after midnight, when she somehow drifted over to the right shoulder of the freeway, where a tractor/trailer was being towed by a truck from Pepe's Towing.

That's when she collided with the disabled vehicle, plowing underneath it before coming to a stop.

According to the California Highway Patrol, 24-year-old Arredondo was being followed by her boyfriend at the time. After the crash, the boyfriend — whose identity has not been released — admitted to being drunk, and was arrested for a DUI.

Arredondo was declared dead at the scene around 12:20 a.m.

CHP officers believe the victim was also drunk, and had just gotten into an argument with her boyfriend, which may have led to a chase down the 710. Those events are still under investigation.

The crash occurred just north of the entrance to the 105 West, near Rosecrans Avenue in Lynwood. The tow-truck driver, 34-year-old David Celis of Maywood, came away unscathed, City News Service reports.

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