This one had us at “middle school vice principal who reportedly operated a medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles.” But there's more.

Allegra Michelle Fromby is accused of possession of marijuana for sale, child endangerment and “transporting marijuana in connection with the Dec. 18, 2008, shooting of her husband,” according to a report out of San Bernardino, where the suspect lives.

Two sets of charges stem from two different incidents: One was an allegedly staged burglary of Fromby's own home by her teenage son. The other was the shooting of her husband, for which she was not charged, at a strip mall.

Police say that the 40-year-old San Bernardino City Unified School District vice principal tried to claim pot they found was for a dispensary she owns — Highland Caregivers — in L.A.

“Her exemption is only to the County of Los Angeles,” Sgt. Travis Walker said, according to the report.

What's the connection between the allegations and the staged burglary and shooting of her hubby? Why is this woman still supervising schoolchildren?

We don't know, but we're guessing some enlightenment will occur as court proceedings, er, proceed. A judge this week say's there's enough evidence for Fromby to stand trial. We'll be watching from afar.

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