meet an artist mondayFrom painters and sculptors to photographers, digital and street artists, performance art and video practitioners, folks working in glass, textile, clay, crypto and even search-engine subversion and more — the artists of Meet an Artist Monday are to be applauded for the very many ways they helped us keep our hearts and heads together during the roller-coaster that was 2021. Thoughtful and provocative, delightful and challenging, surreal and all too real, thank you for your visions; we literally couldn’t make it without you.


Meet an Artist Monday: Marcel Alcalá

Meet an Artist Monday: Rachel DuVall

Meet an Artist Monday: Gabriella Sanchez

Meet an Artist Monday: Mary Anna Pomonis


Meet an Artist Monday: Victoria Cassinova

Meet Interdisciplinary Artist Cauleen Smith 

Meet Ab-Pop Painter Gooey

Meet Mixed Media Painter Narsiso Martinez


Meet Photographer Tatiana Wills

Meet Photographer Daniel Sackheim

Meet Photographic Artist Tim Tadder

Meet Painter Shyama Golden

Meet Painter & Sculptor Marisa Takal


Meet Photographer Mona Kuhn

Meet Painter Devon DeJardin

Meet SEO Artist Gretchen Andrew

Meet Digital Futures Artist Sutu


Meet Hope-Dealing Artist Corie Mattie

Meet Multimedia Artist Luciana Abait

Meet Painter & Sculptor Rob Reynolds

Meet Painter Zära Monet Feeney

Meet Artist Kim DeJesus


Meet Photographer and NFTer Justin Aversano

Meet Painter (and Occasional Glass Artist) Marco Zamora

Meet Painter Isaac Pelayo

Meet Heaven, Artist Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez


Meet Artist Ana Rodriguez

Meet Artist Diane Williams

Meet Photographer Elizabeth Waterman

Meet Artist & Designer Davey Leavitt


Meet Painter Pat Gainor

Meet Photography Phenom Kaito

Meet New Media Artist Paul Bojack

Meet Art Futures Humanist Tiffany Trenda

Meet Post-Pop Painter Wes Lang


Meet Artist Mei Xian Qiu

Meet Painter Corey Pemberton

Meet Photographer & Ceramicist Connie Martin Trevino

Meet Painter & Sculptor Greg Ito


Meet Mixed Media Painter Joy Ray

Meet Multimedia Artist Pouya Afshar

Meet Photographer John Simmons

Meet New Media Artist & Filmmaker Jess Irish


Meet Painter and Seeker Sol Summers

Meet Sculptor Brandon Lomax

Meet Storytelling Sculptor Sherin Guirguis

Meet Body-Spirit Sculptor Phyllis Green

Meet Poetic Sketcher Sheila Darcey


Meet Recombinant Sculptor Debra Broz

Meet Concrete Language Artist JonMarc Edwards

Meet Photographer Ellen Friedlander 

…Stay tuned — we start meeting artists again in January!

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