This morning, Alice Cooper went on CBS's The Early Show where he talked about that video where Erykah Badu gets nekkid in the Dallas square where the Freemasons, the CIA, disgruntled Cubans, Lee Harvey Oswald and the Illuminati shot JFK.

The CBS lady interviewing him really thinks Erykah has been a naughty, naughty girl and needs to be spanked in her perky black bottom. Alice Cooper thinks a lot of thoughts involving Salvador Dali, naked black women, sacred places to Americans, the welfare of children, and his comedy act. It is unclear whether he agrees with that uptight little schoolmarm at CBS who wants to give Eykah a time-out for doing a naughty thing.

You really gotta watch the whole thing:

From our sibling publication the Dallas Observer:

CBS Turns To Noted Art, Rock Critic Vincent Furnier for Badu Video Review

Alice Cooper was on CBS's The Early Show this morning addressing Badu's Dealey Plaza strip-down … because, right, he's so “shocking” himself. (Apparently, this interview was taped some time in 1975.) So, then, Vincent Damon Furnier, give us your take:

“I never used nudity in my show. I always thought it was too easy. That's an easy way to shock. But I can see what she was going for. I don't know if it's — if it was sexually oriented, I think I might have more of a problem with it. If it was more pornographic like that. But, I mean, if you go to the Louvre, all of art is based on naked women. I mean, I don't think it's anything new to see a naked woman. On the street, it is a different thing.”

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