Fashion in Tokyo is less a casual, heedless mix-and-match affair than an experience tantamount to living, liquid architecture. Recently the world fashion stage has seen influence by Harajuku girls, gothic Lolitas and the constant regurgitative regenerating of punk, metal and folk into one fuzzy crazy-quilt hybrid that changes not just every season but practically every minute. Gallery Nucleus presents the “Sweet Streets” exhibition, inspired by Tokyo street fashion (inspired initially by the '64 Olympics-fueled Harajuku district of the city) and boasting free music samplers, snacks and Kirin beer and the work of fashionistas and artwork such as the candy-colored monsterama of Yoko d'Holbachie, the doe-eyed portraits of Fawn Fruits, the cutesy Madison Avenue kitsch of Stef Choi, and the psychedelic stuffed gonks of Anna Chambers. Japanese street fashion is an eminently watchable thing, so much so that it essentially demands an audience — so be there or else.

Aug. 29-Sept. 14, 2009

LA Weekly